Early Language in
Play Settings

This website is for practitioners, teacher educators, parents, researchers and professionals with an interest in language development.

Language is at the heart of children’s development. Early language not only provides a strong foundation for school attainment but also helps children to express emotions and opinions important for resilience in dealing with adverse childhood experiences and for engaging with decisions that affect their lives. As this website develops, research-based information and materials will be shared together with opportunities for discussion and collaboration.

What is eLIPS?

eLIPS is an observational system to help early years practitioners make and record observations about a child’s communication skills to encourage and support discussion about language development in practice.

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  • Child-centered and inclusive
  • Naturalistic observations during play
  • Formalises existing knowledge of staff
  • Raises awareness of how to support language
  • eLIPS is helpful for evidence-based decision-making about: value added by early years intervention; self-evaluation of School policy and service improvement; referral of children to other services and partners.
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